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Video: BMW N54/N55/S55 Crank Hub Fixes!

Video: BMW N54/N55/S55 Crank Hub Fixes!

Ben goes through the problems associated with higher power S55/N55/N54 crank hubs and what products/processes are available to help remedy it. Recommended products: KED Crank Bolt Capture Plate – VTT Splined Crank Hub –

Bootmod3 Tuning Platform (F8X M2C/M3/M4)

Product Focus: PTF Bootmod3

Bootmod3 opens the world of tuning, at your fingertips. Here’s answers to some of the frequently asked questions that we get. What is Bootmod3? Bootmod3 is an incredibly powerful tuning tool for FXX and GXX platform BMWs, including the A90 Supra (which uses a BMW platform). All you have to do is plug into your […]