AK-Motion DataDisplay (E46 M3)


AK-Motion’s powerful  DataDisplay for the E46 M3. This OEM-looking unit is capable of displaying a wide range of diagnostics data, and also has added security features, all with a huge scope for personalisation. Neatly replaces the left-hand central heater vent. Read-outs include:

  • Oil temperature
  • Water temperature
  • Oil pressure (only with optional sensor)
  • Exhaust gas temperature
  • Intake air temperature
  • Voltage
  • Throttle position (at throttles and at pedal)
  • Lambda bank 1/bank 2 voltage
  • Ignition timing across all six cylinders
  • Vanos intake and exhaust position
  • G-forces
  • Switchable between English, German, Italian, French, Dutch and more

AK-Motion DataDisplay (E46 M3)

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