Condor Speed Shop E46 Front Control Arm Conversion Bushings – Offset (E30/E36)


E46 control arms are a popular addition to E30s and E36s, especially in drifting. E46 arms allow a wider track, which is vital for allowing additional camber and steering lock – however, the struggle has always been that the E46 arms have a different shaped mounting part at the rear – however, that no longer need be a hurdle.

Condor Speed Shop’s conversion bushings are machined from UHMW due to its high rigidity and low coefficient of friction, allowing for minimal suspension bushing deflection (geometry change). These versions of the bushing are offset to allow for more castor – this also retains the correct castor for the E30.

They include a metal sleeve/insert which presses tightly over the hex on the E46 control arm. Once installed, this sleeve rotates inside the UHMW bush, meaning that the E46 control arms do not need to be ground down, and no other modifications are needed.

Please note that E90 inner tie rods and E36 outer tie rods are required to allow for toe correction.

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