Forge Blow Off Valve Kit (F2X M135i/M235i)


Forge Motorsport blow off valve or dump valve for the F2X M135i and M235i N55 engines. As standard this engine has a single electronically operated bypass valve.

This Forge Blow Off Valve Kit vents to atmosphere and is a perfect upgrade for both standard and modified vehicles with upped boost levels. For a quieter, OE-style recirculating valve see the Forge Recirc Valve Kit.

The OE valve fails due to plastic components which deteriorate with age, which regularly results in a check engine light and power loss. In extreme cases this can also result in pieces of plastic entering the turbo and causing serious damage.

Forge’s piston-type valve features an all-aluminium, CNC-machined construction which is completely serviceable with different spring options to suit numerous boost levels if required. This kit retains the desirable OE ECU control over valve actuation and comes complete with a plug and play harness.

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