Forge Motorsport 44mm External Wastegate


Forge Motorsport’s 44mm external wastegate is the world’s first water-cooled, piston-operated wastegate. It has been designed from the ground-up to offer precise boost control in even the most stressed racing environments. It is designed to be the best, and to fit as many applications as possible thanks to being some 40% smaller than Forge Motorsport’s original external wastegate.

  • Compact design for installation in even the tightest locations
  • Fully tuneable from 4psi to 26psi spring pressure (capable of further boost with boost controller)
  • More accurate boost control with bespoke Eibach springs
  • Fully serviceable with no specialist tools, with parts available separately
  • Anodised billet housing
  • Water-cooler option as standard to keep the piston, o-ring and cylinder within their optimum operating range
  • No diaphragm to fail, unlike our competitors, which enables the use of high pressure compressor driven boost control above the piston if necessary or desired, without the danger of the diaphragm turning inside out
  • Unique lightweight piston design for faster response
  • Original purchaser has Forge Motorsport Lifetime Warranty
  • 304 stainless steel CNC-machined V-band clamps supplied for easy installation and maximum clamping force
  • 44mm industry standard weld-on fittings supplied for installation to any existing 44mm setup
  • Adjustable water inlet and outlet position