Garage30 Propshaft Adapter (E30, 96mm-78mm)


This adapter kit is designed to couple a medium sized 96mm PCD flex disc (also known as giubo) to a standard E30 78mm PCD propshaft. The 96mm transmission output flange is mostly found on the M5X/S50 family of engines with the 5-speed transmission. It is also found on the M60B30 v8 with the 5-speed manual.

This means if you swap any of these engines in your E30 you can keep your original propshaft. This also allows the use of a standard-type flex disc which permits much more driveline deflection without failing. That said, near perfect driveline alignment is still important for a vibration free drive.

The adapter is laser cut from Swedish high quality, high strength steel. Lower quality steel simply didn’t last. Threads are cut, and it is then ground perfectly flat to a 0.01mm tolerance for perfect balance. Lastly it gets an anti corrosion zinc gold finish. Bolts supplied are 12.9 quality zinc finish.

The adapter was tested in Garage30’s M60B40 swapped e30 325i. They are a small Dutch company owned by E30 enthusiasts. Fully made in the Netherlands.


  • Adapter plate
  • 3x M10 bolts
  • 3x M12 bolts
  • Washers
  • Instructions

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