Hack Engineering Billet Exhaust Hanger (V2)


We’re pleased to announce our  Billet Exhaust Hanger V2, as a solution to the perishable OEM part number 18201401797. Made of high grade aluminium with a stainless steel insert, with a heatproof polyurethane bush for vibration dampening, this is a ‘fit and forget’ solution. It is completely DIY rebuildable should the bush be melted or worn – however, we are yet to have a single issue.

After the V1 Billet Exhaust Hanger sold out so quickly, we penned V2, which uses the same proven fitment dimensions but with a new, neater bush retaining lip This has been designed to work with all OEM M8 nuts, bolts and fixings, but come with new stainless steel hanger mounting nuts to allow for greater fitment flexibility.

Due to the restriction of movement, we recommend that uprated engine and/or gearbox mounts are fitted also, to stop the engine twist damaging the exhaust. Please see our Revshift offerings or contact us for more information.

It fits the following vehicles:

E36 M3 (2 per vehicle)
E46 M3 (3 per vehicle)
E9X M3 (2 per vehicle)

E85/E86 Z4M (2 per vehicle)

E39 M5 (6 per vehicle)

The price for the inadequate OEM pieces is £31 each and they will need regular replacement, where as this billet piece will last the life of the car.

58 in stock (can be backordered)