Hack Engineering Chargepipe (FXX M2/M135i/M235i, 335i/435i)


Hack Engineering Aluminium Charegepipe for the N55-engined F-series cars, including M135i, M235i, 335i, 435i and M2.

The original intercooler:intake manifold chargepipe on the N55 engine is made from hardened plastic which over time cracks, especially when used on a tuned engine running additional boost. Our chargepipes replaces this failure-prone pipe assembly with black powdercoated aluminium pipes, which come complete with a silicone joiner and T-bolt clamps for maximum durability. CNC-machined flanges ensure a perfect, OE-style fitment. The chargepipe has a pair of  1/8NPT water/methanol injection bungs, allowing easy fitment of nozzles. Designed for increased flow, response and durability – replaces BMW part number 13717604033.

Kit includes:

  • Aluminium lower chargepipe piece with 1/8NPT bung and CNC-machined flanges
  • Aluminium upper chargepipe piece with 1/8NPT bung and CNC-machined flanges
  • High quality silcone joiner pipe
  • T-bolt clamps

Uses original o-ring seals and clips at intercooler and intake manifold ends of chargepipe.

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