King Racing Big-End Bearings (M20/M50/M52/M54)


King Racing XP Series big-end (connecting-rod) bearings for the BMW M20, M50, M52 and M54 engines. Available in standard size and ‘STD-X’ with additional oil clearance, as well as 0.025mm and 0.25mm oversizes.

The XP series is a line of bearings with advanced metallurgical and geometric technologies that meet extreme performance loads. The bearings feature pMax Black, a unique tri-metal structure that is 24% harder than any other conventional tri-metal race bearing.  pMax Black together with the XP geometric features are the ideal combination for performance racing.

Priced per engine set. Image not of actual product.

Why not add a bottle of Hack Engineering Engine Assembly Lubricant to protect your new bearings on first start up?