King Racing Main Bearings (M20/M50/M52/M54/S50B32/S54)


King Racing XP Series main (crankshaft) bearings for the a wide range of BMW six-cylinder engines. Available in standard size and ‘STD-X’ with additional oil clearance, as well as 0.025mm, 0.25mm and 0.5mm oversizes.

The XP series is a line of bearings with advanced metallurgical and geometric technologies that meet extreme performance loads. The bearings feature pMax Black, a unique tri-metal structure that is 24% harder than any other conventional tri-metal race bearing.  pMax Black together with the XP geometric features are the ideal combination for performance racing.

Priced per engine set. Image not of actual product.

This bearings are suited to:

  • M20B20/B23/B25/B27
  • M50B20/B25
  • M52B20/B25/B28
  • M54B25/B30
  • S50B30/B32
  • S54B32

May fit more models, please cross-reference part numbers to check.

Why not add a bottle of Hack Engineering Engine Assembly Lubricant to protect your new bearings on first start up?