KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit (F83 M4)


For improved looks and more driving dynamics – in OEM quality..

A constant struggle for enthusiasts is whether to choose basic lowering springs or coilovers – the former is cost-effective and results in lower suspension, while the latter gives the flexibility to adjust ride height for the perfect drop. Now you can have both.
KW’s Height Adjustable Spring kit gives you the ability to adjust your ride height like a coilover, but is cost effective and simple like a lowering spring kit. Another advantage is that EDC-equipped vehicles needn’t lose the clever, adjustable damping that the system brings as the original shock absorbers remain fitted.
Kit includes 4x KW spring height adjusters, 4x lowering springs, 2x helper springs and collars, 4x uprated bumpstops and adjustment spanner.
Lowering FA/RA:
Height Adj. FA/RA:
Teilegutachten (§19.3)
Axle load FA/RA:
– 990/- 1170

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