MRT Engineering Billet Aluminium Camshaft Sensor Cover (M20/M30/S38)


MRT Engineering M20/M30/S38 Camshaft Sensor Cover.

This kit allows you to add a camshaft sensor to your M20/M30/S38 engine in order to make a fully sequential ignition and/or fuel injection system. Adjustable trigger lever allows you to adjust position signal to any point you want or that your aftermarket ECU requires. Trigger lever replaces original distributor rotor.

  • Cover is lightweight CNC machined AW-6082 aluminium with black anodized finish.
  • Sensor adapter is CNC machined black POM, compatible with M50/M52/M54 type cam sensors

Comes with mounting hardware – sensor not included.

MRT Engineering Billet Aluminium Cam Sensor Cover (M20/M30/S38)

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