Pure Turbos Stage 2 Upgrade Turbos (S55)


Pure Turbos Stage 2 upgrade turbos for the BMW S55 engine, as found in the F8X M2 Competition, M3 and M4 models.

Being a hybrid turbo, these include all the advantages of an original turbo in terms of fitment and driveability, but with a hugely increased potential for horsepower. These turbos feature:

  • S55-specific engineered billet compressor wheel
  • S55-specific engineering high flow turbine wheel
  • Bulletproof heavy duty large pad steel thrust upgrade
  • Completely CNC-machined including CNC ported inlet
  • VSR balanced to better than OE S55 tolerances

Pure Turbos have been developing their S55 turbos since 2014, meaning that their turbo upgrades are the most powerful and refined available today. These turbos were tested at 632whp in 2014 and have been tweaked and tuned since, to make them capable of over 700whp.

Send your turbos to us for upgrading, or choose to pay a core unit deposit (£2200) to get freshly upgraded turbos sent to you, and a deposit refund upon return of your old units.

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