Pure Turbos Stage 2 Upgrade Turbos (S63/S63TU)


Pure Turbos Stage 2 upgrade turbos for the BMW S63 and S63Tu engines, as found in the F1X M5/M6 and X5 M/X6 M models.

Being a hybrid turbo, these include all the advantages of an original turbo in terms of fitment and driveability, but with a hugely increased potential for horsepower. These turbos feature:

  • S63-specific engineered billet compressor wheel
  • Custom high-flow turbine wheel
  • Bulletproof heavy duty large pad steel thrust upgrade
  • CNC-machined porting
  • VSR balanced to better than OE S63 tolerances

Proven results of up to 900whp (with supporting modifications).

Send your turbos to us for upgrading, or choose to pay a core unit deposit (£4200 for X5M/X6M, £4500 for M5/M6) to get freshly upgraded turbos sent to you, and a deposit refund upon return of your old units.


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