SME RACP Brace (E36 inc M3)


SME (Specialised Motorsport Engineering) have designed this brace to be the lightest and strongest on the market, and unlike other available braces it truly strengthens and stiffens the rear end of all E36 models, including M3.

Precision fabricated from Chromoly, this brace weighs less than 3kg and is a simple install – no welding required, just a small amount of drilling to allow access to the RACP from above. Kit comes with full instructions. New bolts then fit from underneath and go all the way through the subframe and RACP.

Includes 2 x new M12x1.5 subframe bolts (DIN 10,9, Zinc Coated, 18mm Hex Head), 4x bolts/nuts for attaching brace to strut towers, 2 x M12x1.5 nuts, 2 x M12 washers.

Stocked in satin black only. For custom colours, please contact us.

Available on back-order

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