VAC Motorsports Performance Coated Rod Bearing Set (S54)


VAC Motorsports’ con-rod bearing sets are custom-coated to reduce friction and to fight thermal breakdown, resulting in greater engine reliability and performance.

The S54’s rod bearings are a known failure point, especially on track and race cars. Early S54s were recalled and had these bearings replaced by BMW, but even these replacements are not up to scratch for higher mileage and/or hard-used S54 engines.

For unbeatable reliability, look no further than VAC Motorsports coated rod bearings. For the perfect upgrade, we recommend also fitting ARP hardware. You can find complete kits for this here – Hack Engineering Big End Upgrade Package (S54).

Please contact us for bearings for undersize crankshafts.

Why not add a bottle of Hack Engineering Engine Assembly Lubricant to protect your new bearings on first start up?

Available on back-order

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