Beisan M62TU Vanos Extra Teflon Ring (BS052)


Your M62TU engine is probably not performing as well as it did when new, and a big cause will be that your Vanos, engine variable valve timing unit, is most likely failing.

These Vanos units have been consistently diagnosed to fail due to deteriorating piston seal O-rings. The O-rings are made of a material that is failing in the engine environment. This causes the Vanos piston seals to lose their sealing function and for the Vanos unit to fail.

BMW does not provide the Vanos seals separately. It sells rebuilt Vanos units only, which are hugely expensive. New rebuilt Vanos units are supplied with the same failing O-rings and have been found to significantly fail in 20k miles (32k kilometers).

BS052 is Beisan Systems’ extra teflon ring for use when rebuilding M62TU Vanos units. This engine was used in various BMW models as well as 2002-2006 L322 4.4-litre V8 Range Rovers.

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