Every effort is made to keep as many of the products offered on this site in stock or readily available, with accurate stock information displayed. However, Hack Engineering cannot be responsible for unforeseen lead times or product shortages.

Returns are not accepted without prior approval in writing by Hack Engineering staff. If accepted, most made-to-order parts carry a 20% cancellation fee and/or may incur additional fees. Hack Engineering makes every effort to assure that the products manufactured and sold by us the high quality standard that you, as a valued customer, should expect. However, our liability does not apply to damage due directly or indirectly, to misuse, abuse, negligence or accidents, repairs or alterations outside our facilities, or to lack of maintenance. We shall in no event be liable for death, injuries to persons or property, or for incidental, contingent, special or consequential damages arising from the use of our products or products that we sell on behalf of other manufacturers.

Not all parts offered on this website are road legal and/or MOT compliant. It is the responsibility of the buyer to be aware of local road laws and regulations, and is not the responsibility of Hack Engineering to advertise whether parts are necessarily compliant/legal.

Order cancellations are not accepted without special dispensation from Hack Engineering management. Any suggestion of timescale for delivery must be accepted as purely a suggestion and not a promise – order cancellation due to timescale is not accepted without special dispensation. If special order including made-to-order components as part of an order are accepted during a cancellation, they will be subject to a 20% cancellation fee.

Where a ‘Core Unit Surcharge’ is applied for items such as Beisan Systems BS023, the surcharge is only refunded on receipt of a serviceable core unit. In this specific case, that means that the wiring plug cannot be damage externally or internally, and the casing must be complete and undamaged. It is at the discretion of Hack Engineering Ltd as to whether any core unit is considered to be in serviceable condition.

Metallic parts are generally shipped without corrosion protection – if storing, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that parts are stored properly to avoid corrosion.

All parts purchased are the responsibility of the fitter to check before installation. Hack Engineering will not be responsible for issues where parts have not been inspected prior to fitting, and cannot accept a return for any part that fitting has been attempted with, whether an incorrect part has been ordered or delivered. Parts must be fitted by a qualified and experienced professional.

For international orders, Hack Engineering is not responsible for import duties, taxes or fees charged to the recipient. These fees are entirely the responsibility of the recipient.

By buying from Hack Engineering Ltd, you are agreeing to these terms – some of our products carry a warranty that, in the event of a product failure, extends to a replacement or refund of the original purchased product – Hack Engineering is not liable for any extended damages caused by failures.