Eventuri Carbon Fibre Intake System (E39 M5)


Eventuri’s intake for the BMW E39 M5 is designed to offer a complete solution as an upgrade to the stock airbox system. When discontinued by Eventuri in 2021, such was demand amongst enthusiasts that it was brought back as a ‘Legacy Product’.

Eventuri’s aim was to develop an intake system for the S62 engine which worked with the stock ECU map and MAF sensors, and produced a genuine improvement to the driving experience. With the patent pending Venturi housing, it was ensured that the airflow remains as laminar as possible. Furthermore, the addition of a true cold air feed by adding scoops integrated with the front fog lamps results in the lowest possible intake air temperature. This leads to an optimised intake system which delivers noticeable performance gains, consistently.

Eventuri Carbon Fibre Intake System (E39 M5)

Each intake system consists of:

  • 2x carbon fibre Venturi housings
  • 2x high flow Generation 2 air filters
  • 2x aluminium cowls for smooth airflow entry
  • 2x foglamp surrounds
  • 2x foglamp surrounds with integrated air ducts
  • 2x flexible neoprene air ducting sections
  • 2x laser cut aluminium shields
  • Laser cut custom brackets
  • High quality silicone couplers with BMW specification hose clamps

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