KW Clubsport 2-way Coilovers (F80 M3/F82 M4)


For optimal track performance, still retaining KW’s road usability…

KW’s flagship coilover solution, which is perfect for hardcore track and race work, but remains suitable for the road. This is the 2-way adjustable version, which features separately adjustable bump (12 click) and rebound (16 click). Ride height/spring pre-load is also adjustable, and camber-adjustable front topmounts are also an option.
If you want to reduce your laptimes, then look no further…
kw_button_bump_12_clicks kw_button_rebound_16_clicks
Height Adj. FA/RA:
Teilegutachten (§19.3)
Axle load FA/RA:
– 990/- 1170
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