M52TU/M54/S54/S62 Wiring Loom Adapter (E30/E34/E36/Z3)

M52TU/M54/S54/S62 Engine Swap Wiring Loom (E30/E34/E36/Z3)

M52TU/M54/S54/S62 Wiring Loom Adapter (E30/E34/E36/Z3)


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This wiring harness adapter was developed to allow the installation/swap of an E46 or E39 engine into an E36, E30, E34 or Z3 chassis.

The adapter loom is very easy to install. You only need to connect some plugs, power supply (+12 V) and ground. Instructions included – ECU simplification such as ABS and EWS removal will be required. Please include the following details in the order comments section:

  • Vehicle year, model and transmission
  • Engine model, what year/model of vehicle it has been removed from, ECU type and transmission

This adapter loom was developed and tested to the following engines:

M52TUB20/25/28 with DME/ECU MS42 from E39 or E46

M54B22/25/30 with DME/ECU MS43 from E39 or E46

S54B32 with DME/ECU MSS54 from E46 M3

– M62TUB or S62 from E39

This harness adapter will not work with M54 engines with the MS45 DME/ECU.

Looms are made to order and so carry a 2 week lead time.

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