Powerflex Front Wishbone Rear Bushes – Eccentric (E30/E36 inc M3)


The E30 and E36 3 Series’ front control arm bushes are known point of periodic failure, especially with lowered or hard used examples. Powerflex developed this polyurethane replacement, available in either standard Powerflex material or harder ‘Black Series’ material, intended for track use. This minimises lower arm deflection, delivering more consistent geometry while offering compliance for road and track comfort.

This listing is for the eccentric version of this bush, allowing for added caster – as found on the E30 M3 and E36 M3 Evo, but suitable for all models. Please select material when ordering. Also see Powerflex Concentric Front Wishbone Rear Bushes variant.

Part number 1 on E30 and E36 diagrams. Priced per pair – one pair required per vehicle. Covered under Powerflex’s lifetime warranty. Also fits Z3 (inc M models).