Powerflex Rear Subframe Rear Bushes (F2X/F3X 1/2/3/4 Series)


The F20 and F30 platform rear subframe bushes are a known point for excessive deflection, especially in higher power models such as the M140i and M240i. Powerflex developed this polyurethane replacement as a perfect upgrade. Available in either standard Powerflex material or harder ‘Black Series’ material, intended for track use. This minimises subframe deflection, delivering more consistent geometry while offering compliance for road and track comfort.

Part number 20 on diagram, replaces BMW part number 33316792510. Priced per pair – one pair required per vehicle. Perfect in combination with Powerflex Anti-Squat Rear Subframe Front Bushes (recommended). Covered under Powerflex’s lifetime warranty.

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