Hack Engineering Viton CPV Seal (S50/S54)


Viton oil seal for BMW S50 Euro and S54 engines as fitted to E36 M3, E36 M3 Evo, E36 Z3 M (both engines), Z4 M, E46 M3 and E46 M3 CSL.

The original oil seal on the CPV (Constant Pressure Valve) on these engines constantly fails causing oil leaks down the side of the block. Our seals are made from Viton, a material rated above and beyond the application to ensure that it will not need replacing again. These are a popular upgrade, especially as the OE oil seal is only available to order with a new CPV, priced at £30+ from the dealers and with the same inherent problem.

This listing is for the O-ring fitted to the CPV, not for the CPV itself – these are available from BMW dealers as part number 10 in diagram – BMW part no 11111318185. There is no part number for the oil seal alone so please note that this listing refers to the part number for the whole CPV in places.

Fitting is at buyer’s own risk and Hack Engineering does not accept responsibility for failures – by buying this product you are agreeing to these terms.

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