Schrick Camshafts (S14)


Schrick camshafts have long been regarded as the best available, and are the key to maximum horsepower and engine efficiency.

High performance camshafts are key to increasing the power output of your BMW S14 engine, with multiple specifications available from Schrick. Priced per engine set of two cams.

  • 276/276 degree, 11.3mm lift (road)
  • 284/284 degree, 11.5mm lift (fast road/track)
  • 292/292 degree, 12.0mm lift (track/race)
  • 308/308 degree, 12.2mm lift (race only)
  • 320/320 degree, 13.0mm lift (race only)

Camshafts generally carry a 10-14 day lead time. Contact us to speak to our engine building experts if you need help choosing your camshafts.

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