When replacing your S54’s original Vanos Oil Line, carefully remove the original line. Most are attached to the engine front cover by a mounting tab (10mm bolt) with later cars also having a fixing tab to one of the Vanos mounting bolts (also 10mm bolt).


S54 Vanos Oil Line Lower Bolt

This bolt is where the upper mounting tab is on later cars. Whether your car has this or not, remove this bolt for installation of the Hack Engineering Oil Line.

S54 Vanos Oil Line Upper Bolt

With these tabs freed, then loosen the upper banjo bolt (on the Vanos unit) and the lower banjo bolt, taking care not to drop the crush washers – these require a 14mm socket. Also place paper towel below lower banjo to avoid spillage. Once the line is removed, discard with the crush washers – do not throw away the original bolts.

S54 Vanos Oil Line Banjo

Fit Hack Engineering line, loosely attaching the banjos (with new, supplied crush washers above and below the new line) to ensure correct orientation. Then attach supplied P-clips to the two factory mounting locations (dedicated front cover bolt and Vanos mounting bolt), tightening each to 10nm/7lb ft.

S54 Vanos Oil Line P-Clip (lower)

S54 Vanos Oil Line P-Clip (upper)

Finally, ensure that line does not touch anywhere that could result in chafing before tightening upper and lower banjo bolts to 13nm/9.5lb ft using 14mm socket. Monitor engine after first running for oil leaks due to installation errors.

Please note that access may be tougher than illustrated due to factory heat shields.