Condor Speed Shop ‘Eyeball’ Front Control Arm Mounts (E30/E36 inc M3)


Condor Speed Shop’s ‘Eyeball’ front control arm mounts for E30 and E36 chassis’, including M3, Z3 and Compact.

These CNC-machined steel brackets entirely replace the original ‘lollipop’ bracket and bushing. They are the ultimate way to eliminate front control arm bushing deflection with the added benefit of increased clearance for aftermarket exhaust setups. They feature offset geometry for added caster.

• Easy installation
• Added exhaust clearance
• CNC machined steel construction
• Solid design without the maintenance issues of spherical bearings
• Heavy-Duty replaceable UHMW insert
• Powdercoated white for corrosion resistance
• Increased caster with offset geometry
• Near-zero deflection under high loads
• Made in the U.S.A.

4 in stock (can be backordered)