KPower Adapter Flywheel and Release Bearing (E30/E36/E46 5-Speed)


This flywheel and release is used in conjunction with one of KPower’s K series to E36/E46 or Getrag 260 adapter plates.

It’s machined out of 6061 aluminum and weighs 5.67kg. It’s designed to be paired with the supplied Tilton extended bearing carrier, which allows the flywheel to be an entire inch thinner than if an OEM bearing were to be used!

A 15mm ID or 12mm ID pilot bearing is pre-installed depending on transmission choice. KPower’s flywheel also needs to be paired with an 240mm E46 5-speed clutch kit (2001-2006 330i).

Why an E46 clutch? The pressure plate geometry has more holding capacity, and the flywheel can also accept E46 M3 and E39 M5 pressure plates from ACT, Sachs, and other manufacturers.

Honda flywheel bolt part #90011-RDB-000 must be used with this flywheel, no exceptions.

KPower E30 Swap Package