M4 Control Arm Kit (F2X/F3X inc M135i, M235i, M140i, M240i)


If you’re looking to achieve greater front end feel and grip from your F2X M135i, M235i, M140i or M240i (as well as other F2X variants, and F3X 3/4 Series) then look no further.

Upgrading to M3/M4 front control arms is a tried and tested method to achieve improved from geometry, and to cut down on control arm deflection.  Our kit includes all new, Genuine BMW control arms and fixings to allow you to carry out a simple upgrade at the highest possible quality. Re-alignment/geometry is vital after fitting.


Kit includes:

1x Left Tension Strut (31122284531)

1x Right Tension Strut (31122284532)

1x Left Wishbone (31122284529)

1x Right Wishbone (31122284530)

2x Locking Plate Nuts (31106767496)

4x Flange Nuts (33306787062)

2x Hex Screws (31106885777)

2x Nuts (33326760668)

2x Hex Bolts (31106797237)

1x Regulating Rod (37142283867)

2x Hex Nuts (07129905817)

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