MRT Engineering ATI Damper Installation Kit (M52TU/M54)


MRT Engineering M52TU/M54 ATI Super Damper installation kit. A must for all serious M52TU and M5$ engine builds without front-mounted crankshaft position sensor. For M50/M52 with front-mounted sensor, see here.

The engine’s harmonic damper is designed to reduce harmonic ‘noise’ and imbalance in the rotating assembly. These engine harmonics can easily destroy an engine if not properly reduced by a harmonic damper. However, BMW’s dampers are of a simple design and though they do an alright job of reducing harmonics, they leave a lot of room for improvement.

ATI’s Super Dampers are the industry standard for race engines when it comes to harmonic dampers. Kit includes:

  • Chromoly tool steel crankshaft hub to be used with ATI Super Damper
  • Mounting hardware

MRT Engineering ATI Damper Installation Kit (M50/M52)

Please note that this kit is not compatible with A/C pulley. ATI damper part number 917071-60 (60 dictates the o-ring hardness inside the damper. Other hardnesses can be used). Recommended pulley for use with this kit is ATI 2JZ 6.78″ diameter, ATI part number #917071. 6pk1600 drive belt required. Balancing of the full rotating assembly is recommended. Use ATI’s damper installation instructions when fitting.

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