Powerflex Engine Mounts (E36/E46 inc M3, E9X M3)


BMW engine mounts are a known weak point, allowing excessive engine movement under cornering and when under power, as well as eventually failing entirely.

Powerflex has engineered the first mount of its kind, offering adjustability so that the mount can be tuned to your needs and preferences as a driver.

With a black anodised billet aluminium body and dual polyurethane bushes, it reduces unwanted play, and can further reduce play by sliding in the supplied polyurethane pins. This makes these mounts tuneable from daily driver to track weapon – those looking for the ultimate track/race mount can also opt for the Black Series version.

Fits E36 models inc M3, Z3 inc M, E46 inc M3, Z4 inc M and E9X M3. Fits diesel models too, but NVH is likely to be high.

Priced per pair. Covered under Powerflex’s lifetime warranty.