Workshop Journal: Jack's M50 Turbo Engine Build

Workshop Journal: Jack’s M50 Turbo Engine Build

Jack's M50 engine came to us as a box of bits, with unfortunately a number of issues to overcome. However, with the goal of a 600+bhp E30 turbo application in mind, we had no problems getting the build specification set and letting the build unfold. Specification includes: Wiseco Pistons (85mm, 8.8:1)SP Components RodsARP Head StudsAthena Cut-Ring Head GasketElring Gasket SetsVAC Motorsports...

Workshop Journal: HE140i EBC Big Brake Kit

Workshop Journal: HE140i EBC Big Brake Kit

Though the HE140i has received a number of engine and transmission upgrades - in the form of both hardware and software - up until now the chassis has remained untouched. With the added power now on tap, this has exposed some serious weaknesses - we got talking with EBC Brakes Racing's Stefan Goddard about these weakpoints recently and that resulted...

Workshop Journal: Dave's E36 M3 Evo Mapping

Workshop Journal: Dave’s E36 M3 Evo Mapping

David's E36 M3 Evo has been an ongoing project for some time, taking it from a standard engine to something far different - a 12.7:1 compression, 296-degree cammed beast. Besides the hours of blueprinting, trick machining and careful assembly, this engine features the following: JE Pistons 12.5:1, 87mm pistonsSP Components con-rodsACL Race Big End BearingsACL Race Main BearingsSchrick 296/296, 12.4mm lift...

Workshop Journal: Jamie's F20 M140i

Workshop Journal: Jamie’s F20 M140i

Local vinyl and PPF legend Jamie (of VinylOne fame) approached us to take his M140i to the next level - we of course obliged. Jamie's car was far from stock on arrival - it was running an unknown Stage 2 map, catless downpipe, foam intake filter and modified stock exhaust. The result was an incredibly aggressive driving experience, with some serious...

Video: LIVE Q&A! 7.30pm, 10/11/21

Video: LIVE Q&A! 7.30pm, 10/11/21

Ben and Alex take to YouTube for another Live Q&A session. Get your questions into the comments both on here and on our social media channels to have them answered by two of the brains behind the Hack Engineering operation.

For Sale: Tom's 720bhp E92 M3

For Sale: Tom’s 720bhp E92 M3

Many M3s come through our workshops for extensive work, and Tom's Santorini Blue E92 M3 is one of our biggest builds to date. We began with the engine, tearing it down to a bare block to begin work. It was bored to 92.5mm to accept oversized 10.0:1 Mahle Motorsport pistons and then built with VAC Motorsports bearings and a polished...

On The Road: EBC Brakes Visit

We've worked with EBC Brakes for a number of years now, offering their premium performance brake pad compounds for various M cars. However, EBC HQ was a place that we had never visited, until now. One of the main reasons for our visit was to drop the HE140i off with the EBC Brakes Racing department for development of a couple...