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Hack Engineering bespoke ECU mapping services.

These mapping services can be purchased for application directly to your vehicle at our Sussex HQ, or via Bootmod3* for remote flashing on some applications (separate license required).

For as long as cars have existed, mankind has aimed to push more performance from them. In more recent times, the easiest way to do this has been to ‘re-map’ the ECU (Engine Control Unit) to allow more air and fuel into the engine, and to burn it more efficiently. However, this has also opened and industry for poorly-written maps to cause engine harm, poor performance and general headaches. As with everything we do, we aim to excel with tuning services that are as advanced as possible, and that can be entirely tailored to your requirements.

Tuning services generally fall into three categories for both petrol and diesel engines:

Stage 1 – a straightforward remap, designed for all original hardware and/or minor upgrades like a high-flow panel filter or backbox.

Stage 2 – a remap requiring modifications like a high-flow downpipe, EGR/OPF/DPF delete and so on. This varies depending on the application. If you want your Stage 1 remap to include software changes like coding-out OPF sensors or EGR deletes, this will be charged as a stage 2 map.

Stage 2+ – like Stage 2, but often with additional cooling or fuelling modifications (like intercoolers, fuel pumps and injectors) to push that last bit of performance from a standard turbo.

Stage 3 – this section is very much custom tuning, designed and built around a turbo upgrade, whether that’s hybrid or full frame, along with all of the above.

Some newer ECUs require bench unlocking – this is available, but charged separately. Please note that due to the varied and custom nature of our mapping services, not all of the above applies to all applications, and so this page and pricing should be used as a guide only. This guide is also generally aimed at ~2004 onward BMW models, however please contact us to book and we can tailor hardware/software packages to your requirements and vehicle.

Power outputs are always estimated and not promised; but, we always aim to produce the best possible performance from your engine without sacrificing reliability.


*When wishing to use our mapping services remotely, the process is even easier. Simply make your tune purchase on this website (making sure to include your chassis number in the order comments), and then send a Tune Request to Hack Engineering via your Bootmod3 account. Ensure that  the same email address is used and that you give us all hardware details of your car, and we can then get to work.







Please note that we datalog every vehicle we map to ensure safe and expected results. However, for additional diagnostics work needed due to hardware faults, and/or for custom development work, diagnostics and logging time are charged at our usual hourly rate.

We use the safest possible tuning techniques, carried out by trained professionals. However, the nature of tuning means that components are being used at a higher wear rate. If any component is not in perfect health, and/or has not been maintained properly, it is not the responsibility of Hack Engineering Ltd to cover or compensate for any mechanical failure.

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