Hack Engineering Vanos Oil Line (S54)


Among other Vanos issues with the S54, the high pressure oil line between the accumulator and the Vanos unit itself is known to crack through vibration, causing nasty oil leaks and running problems.

We devised this line to stop that issue. 1200psi of oil pressure and the vibrations experienced through the engine mean that the standard solid line often splits around the fittings. This line is rated to beyond 7350psi and unlike rival hoses, it carries a lifetime warranty and does not require annual replacement. It is also fitted with heatshielding material and is made here in the UK.

Comes complete with Genuine BMW crush washers, P-clips for secure fitting and pre-fitted heatshield material. LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Replaces BMW part number 11367837614. Supplied in carbolook – custom colours made to order, please allow 4-5 days lead time.

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