KED Oil Cooler Thermostat Delete (S55)


The Koflach Engine Developments Oil Cooler Thermostat Delete is an effective way of reducing oil temperatures on your tuned M2, M3 or M4. Fits N55 and S55 engines.

The N55/S55’s oil cooler is plumbed through the oil filter housing, and this housing also contain a thermostat that reduces flow to the cooler until oil temperatures rise to operating temperature. However, even when up to temperature this thermostat is restrictive, not allowing the full flow of oil to pass through the cooler.

Perfect in collaboration with KED’s Thermostat Cover.

KED’s delete fits in place of the thermostat and allows a full flow of oil to the cooler, promoting far greater oil cooling. Fits oil filter housing part number 11427850293 Made in the UK.

Find out more about KED here.

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