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Koflach Engine Developments

Koflach Engine Developments

We’re very pleased to be able to announce the introduction of a new sister company to Hack Engineering; Koflach Engine Developments. The sole aim of KED is developing parts for building the finest BMW fast road, track and race engines. Two developments S54s are the first to the table, serving as in-house test beds for […]

M3 CS Vanos Overhaul

M3 CS Vanos Overhaul

S54 Vanos overhauls are bread and butter work here at Hack Engineering, and we recently had the pleasure of carrying one out on Nathan’s lovely M3 CS. During recent work elsewhere it was spotted that the CS had broken an exhaust camshaft hub tab – these parts drive the S54’s Vanos oil pump disc, as […]

M3 Tourings

M3 Touring Monday

If there’s one thing we love at Hack Engineering it’s an M3 Touring. Halloween 2016 for us was a day spent with ‘Danger Bryan”s E36 M3 Evo Touring, named Winston. Having started life as a Fern Green 328i Auto Touring, it now boasts the full complement of M3 Evo running gear, interior, suspension and more. […]

Introducing GCFabrications

Introducing: GCFabrications

Here at Hack Engineering we always look to work with suppliers and partners who, like us, are BMW enthusiasts themselves. The guys at GCFabrications are just that. We visited them recently to develop the first S54-specific E36 front strut brace – a part we know is needed due to our own struggles with our S54 […]

CSF logo

Product Focus: CSF Radiators

Here at Hack Engineering we were proud to announce that we recently became the exclusive UK dealers for CSF Radiators’ BMW products. As one of the world’s premier radiator manufacturers, CSF produces outstanding quality parts for BMWs, with a truly specialist approach to providing complete solutions for a wide range of models. For example, where […]

StevieM3 Step 19

StevieM3’s E46 M3 Vanos Rebuild

We had the pleasure of having StevieM3’s (from Total M Cars and M3Cutters) lovely Mineralsilber E46 M3 in for a full Vanos overhaul last week. Very late (March ’06) built car, quite low mileage and well looked after. It has a Scorpion backbox but is otherwise standard drivetrain-wise, for now. Steve opted for the full works […]

Hack Engineering helmet

The Hack Engineering Projects

As you’ll have read elsewhere on this site, we at Hack Engineering pride ourselves on being BMW enthusiasts ourselves. Many of our product offerings were chosen through our own experiences with aftermarket parts – we’ve learned our way through the world’s aftermarket offerings the hard way, and use these vehicles as a test bed for […]

S54 Vanos pre-rebuild

S54 Vanos Rebuild Guide

BMW’s Vanos system is as clever as it is flawed. It allows engines to produce excellent torque and driveability at low revs while also producing optimum power at high revs, by allowing the camshaft(s) to be progressively advanced by the ECU at high revs. The flaw in it is that the oil seals used by […]